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Single Ladies Shopping list for Camping at Black Rock City, Nevada for Burning Man in 2019

This article is a shopping list for single ladies camping at Black Rock City Nevada for burning man this year. You can scroll down to the list with links to purchase my recommended items but I suggest you read a little more first to see if it’s the right list for you. My first burn was Green Man in 2007, and besides experience, you should consider this shopping list best if you fit the following criteria for camping values:

  • For whatever reason, you are camping alone in a tent.
  • You would prefer to set up said tent/camp solo, or at least be able to if you need to.
  • You plan to spend as little time as possible in your tent, you are a social butterfly in the wind.
  • You would rather sleep in the dirt eating power bars for a day or two than pack a cooler with ice every day.
  • You plan to camp with a larger collaborative group of people. Seriously, it’s much more fun in a theme camp.

It’s important to realize that at burning man, like other festivals, you will probably need to transport all your camping gear by foot. Because of the distance, the first two items on my list are a bike and bike trailer. The capacity of the container determines what you can bring to your camp. In effect, it’s like the size of a backpacking trip. You also can’t escape the daily trips for ice and other necessities, so a trailer bike makes the experience more relaxing. Next, are the other camping essentials, bedding, lighting, food prep, and bathroom. In the black rock desert, there are a few specialty items that you need to bring too, and they are the dust masks and goggles.
Please be sure to read the survival guide for all the items and more specific calculation on the water to bring etc. if you are going. Hope to see you out there!! Click what you are interested in from the shopping list below for details on the products and links to buy on Amazon.

  • Water bottles and cups for camping at Black Rock City - You need to carry around your own water bottles, cups, and such when you are camping at Black Rock City for burning man. You never know when refreshments might be served and it pays to be ready. As a zero-waste camping event, this means each individual is responsible […]
  • Goggles, Facemasks for Camping at Black Rock City - Personal protection with googles, facemasks, and water supply is important when you are camping at Black Rock City in Nevada. Equally important are personal supplies of lip balm, sunscreen, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. You might want to add in a small first aid kit too.  These items are part […]
  • Tent, stakes, and solar lights for camping at Black Rock City - When selecting a tent for camping in the desert for burning man, the key point is no windows. Windows and screens let the dust into the tent. Many tents come with screens that you have to cover with tape when you are camping in a dusty place. This […]
  • Bedding for Camping at Black Rock City - If you go camping at Black Rock City for burning man, then you need to keep your bed off the ground. The location is very dusty, and having a cot or tall air mattress makes all the difference. I recommend adding a sheet into your camping gear to […]
  • Bike Trailer for Black Rock City - If you are heading to Black Rock City to camp at burning man, you should consider bringing a trailer for your bike. The desert is hot and it is also huge. Plan to spend full days away from your camp as you explore the area. While there are […]
  • Beach Cruiser Bicycle for Black Rock City - The beach cruiser bicycle is great for festivals like Burning Man where the bike is likely to be outside an exposed to weather conditions. The thick wheels make going over bumpy and shifting surfaces smooth. The single-speed option means it’s less that can go wrong with the chain. Amazon […]

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