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Why getting a good cooler matters

Not only does using a high end cooler instantly increase your camp kitchen menu items, it definitely aids in helping make healthier decisions while out in the wild. It is really easy to fall back on heavily processed foods, that are easy and ready to go. Trust us! We’ve been there and packed on the pounds to show it! On our next long camping adventure we decided to smarten up! Why should we have to eat any different than we do at home when on the road?

Our original cooler was a soft, fun-printed, happy-go-lucky picnic basket of a cooler. It leaked constantly, and barely kept anything cold even with tons of ice. It was not the rugged, serious cooler needed by the extreme outdoor adventurer!

Upgrading to the Yeti Tundra 65 has been a total game changer. This spacious cooler keeps our food cold and does not leak all over the place like our smaller previous cooler. It has an awesome drainage system too, in order to keep your food from swimming! Check out our blog on how to properly pack the Yeti Tundra 65: here!

If you’re looking for something built tough that ACTUALLY keeps your food cold, spend the extra bucks and get a Yeti. Good coolers make a big difference.


OUTSIDE 17 1/4” × 16” × 30 5/8”

INSIDE 10 5/8” × 11 1/8” × 23 1/8”


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